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In the bustling realm of academic publishing, ‘Big Books‘ stands tall as a Kolkata-based book house, situated in the heart of College Street, Kolkata. Specializing in children’s books and English School Books Online for secondary classes, our mission is to illuminate every nook and corner with knowledge. As we forge ahead to accomplish this mission, we consistently introduce newer products to meet the evolving educational needs. At ‘Big Books,’ we aim to be your steadfast companion, guiding you through hardships to eventual success. Our commitment lies in providing timely delivery, actively collecting feedback, and continually refining our processes to serve you better. With an emphasis on an effective problem resolution process, we encourage you to reach out to us, assured that we will promptly address any queries or concerns.

Best Educational Books Store:

‘Big Books’ has earned its reputation as the best educational books store in India for a myriad of reasons. Our extensive collection spans educational books from various boards and classes, catering to the diverse needs of students, parents, and educators alike. From ICSE books and CBSE guidebooks to NCERT workbooks and Olympiad books, we cover a wide spectrum of curricula. Our commitment to quality and relevance ensures that our books are an invaluable aid in a student’s academic journey.

Buy Junior School Books Online:

For the little learners embarking on their educational journey, ‘Big Books’ offers a delightful range of junior school books. These books cover a range of subjects and activities, including Smart Activity, Alphabet & Writing, Art & Crafts, Bengali, Computer Studies, Learn Counting, English Conversation, Handwriting, General Knowledge, Math & Reasoning, and more. Our junior school books are crafted with care to engage young minds, fostering a love for learning from an early age.

Buy Model School Books Online:

Model schools seek excellence in education, and ‘Big Books’ understands this aspiration. We curate a specialized collection of books suited for model school curricula. Our model school books are meticulously designed to align with the high standards of model school education. With our comprehensive resources, model schools can provide their students with the best possible learning experience.

Buy State Board Books Online:

Recognizing the significance of state board education, ‘Big Books’ offers an array of state board books. We cater to different state boards, providing students access to relevant and up-to-date content. Our state board books are endorsed by educators and parents alike, making us a trusted choice for state board students across the country.


‘Big Books’ has emerged as a beacon in the educational landscape, delivering exceptional service and a diverse range of educational materials. We take immense pride in being your reliable companion, facilitating your academic journey with top-notch books and resources. As you explore the vast expanse of education, we pledge to stand by you, enriching your learning experiences. At ‘Big Books,’ we firmly believe that knowledge should have no barriers, and every student, regardless of their location or background, deserves access to quality educational resources.

So, whether you’re a student, parent, or educator searching for the best educational books store in India, ‘Big Books’ is the destination of choice. Our commitment to timely delivery, feedback-driven improvements, and efficient problem resolution ensures that your academic pursuits are smooth and rewarding. Take the first step towards academic excellence – ‘Buy English School Books Online’ from ‘Big Books’ and embark on an enriching journey towards success.

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